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Ask a ScienceBlogger: Time

The new challenge is this:

How is it that all the PIs (Tara, PZ, Orac et al.), various grad students, post-docs, etc. find time to fulfill their primary objectives (day jobs) and blog so prolifically?

Answer, as anyone who knows me, is that I do my work on the blog, and then tidy it up and publish it later. Except when I’m being “funny” (for some values of “funny”, including none). Oh, and I also do this as a way of Avoiding Work. I work best when there’s a deadline the next day. Give me six months to write a talk or a paper, and I’ll spend six months blogging and do the work the night before. Undergraduate studies were fun, let me tell you. Sleep is overrated. So is family time. And exercise. (If this is giving you a gross image, you’ll understand why I use an albino gorilla as an avatar.)


  1. #1 jackd
    June 16, 2006

    I’m guessing you’ll still find time for talk.origins, at least until your blog starts causing pun cascades.

    -longtime t.o. reader

  2. #2 Abel Pharmboy
    June 16, 2006

    John, the albino gorilla is an absolutely perfect picture! Makes me look forward to meeting you – I have a good number of friends from Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney and hope to get down there to take in your beautiful part of the world and the fruits of the vine. It’s a pleasure to be writing here with you.

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