Evolving Thoughts

Month first line meme

Bora made me do it… first line of the first post of each month the year. It doesn’t quite read like a dadaist poem.

January: OK, so the next door party finished about 1.30, but the family disputes finished about 5 am, so instead of thinking, I’m going to let others think for me, and round up a few New Years Day links……

February: Readers will know that I got very angry about the Haneef Affair, in which a muslim Indian doctor was accused of being a terrorist and deported by the improper abuse of power by the minister for immigration of the previous government.

March: So I’m here, and after a long sleep I got to see some marvellous AZ scenery before the camera died.

April: I have yet to see the film Expelled, because it hasn’t come to Australia yet, but I have become absolutely convinced that Ben Stein is correct.

May: One of the enduring patterns of the history of the history of evolution is for historians to claim that their favourite individual, or their country’s best and brightest, invented evolution.

June: MOUSEBENDER: Good Morning.

July: This is me commenting on American politics again.

August: Every so often we start a discussion somewhere about who is and who isn’t an atheist.

September: The Annotated Budak has an absolutely wonderful post on megafauna, hominid impacts, biodiversity and biogeography up.

October: Readers know I think religion is post-agricultural, which raises some difficulties if we find evidence of organised religious behaviours before the onset of agriculture.

November: An essay in Nature recently, titled “A question of class” (by Jeffrey Parsons and Yair Wand) puts the case that classification is crucial to science and needs to be understood.

December: I have run across a useful little site by Yan Feng, me/dium which he calls a Linklog.