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Welcome u n d e r v e r s e

This is to note that u n d e r v e r s e, the blog that uses nineteenth century German emphatic spacing, has been added to my blogroll (I hope – I’m not good that these customisation things), wherein you can read deep, intelligent and Chamberlainist musings by Chris Schoen. Highly recommended.

Antivaxer story on the way

Although Sunday Night did a very good story on the antivaccination campaign’s cost in lives, it now looks like they will do a follow up that takes the antivaxxer line, if the appearance in the ads of Australia’s least accurate journalist Mike Munro is any guide. Munro is a gutter journalist of UK proportions. His…

Wilkins is fragile and destablised Intellectual tourist attacks local inhabitants All happy bacteria are alike (or is that like each other?) Australian current affairs gets vaccination right! [That’s not a pun, it’s an act of God] The original video is here. Evolution does spreadsheets in origin of genetic code Siris and Sandwalk go head to…

Visualising the molecular

A dozen or so years ago, or maybe more, I was heading up the communications section of The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne, when I employed a young biology graduate as a graphics guy to do medical graphics. This he did for a while, until he started playing with three-dimensional…