Framing Science

In the March 14 issue of Science, a letter was published responding to our April 2007 Policy Forum essay and our October 2007 cover article at The Scientist. In her letter, Ruth Cronje emphasizes that it is important for the public to understand science as a process and method, a goal that is best accomplished through formal education where you have (usually) a motivated and attentive audience and (hopefully) well designed content.

Cronje is on the faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and I look forward to discussing the topic with her further when I am in town next week giving a series of campus talks.


  1. #1 Natalie Kuldell
    March 21, 2008

    Folks interested in this topic might also be interested in the “Understanding Science” website that will be launched this fall. Previews that I’ve seen of the site make it look amazingly effective at teaching just what’s mentioned here, science as a process engaged in by a community of people using an iterative cycle to define and redefine the best ideas about a subject. If you know and love the “Understanding Evolution” site, then keep on the look out “Understanding Science” from these same folks (or contact me in advance of the official ribbon-cutting and I can pass along what I’ve been lucky enough to see so far).

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