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Regular readers will be aware that my last attempt to report on the presentations at last month’s Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Biology of Genomes meeting resulted in some controversy, as well as some fruitful (if sometimes heated) discussion on the topic of conference blogging.

My next attempt will likely prove less divisive: I was kindly invited to write a meeting report by the journal Genome Medicine, and the full text of the article is now available free online. Given the brevity of the article and the scope of the journal I’ve focused my coverage on the presentations most relevant to medical genetics, meaning that I had to leave out some of the very interesting talks on non-human genomics – but hopefully I’ve covered the broad themes of the meeting that are of most interest to readers of this blog, or at least those of you who missed my posts the first time around.

Finally, for the curious: yes, I did seek and receive written permission from all of the presenters mentioned in the report to discuss their work, following CSHL’s policy. Since there is near-complete overlap between my blog coverage and the material in the article I feel rather reassured that my own internal presentation blogging policy at the time – focus on the big picture, and steer clear of the details most likely to be regarded as sensitive by presenters – did generally fit with the views of presenters on what was suitable for online consumption.


  1. #1 Hidde Boersma
    June 17, 2009

    Hi There,

    I would be very much interested in reading your meeting report. however, in contrast to what you’re writing, I can’t acces it free.

    sadly I can’t even get it through my university, as they’re not subscribed to genome medicine.

    any chances i can acces it anothr way?


  2. #2 Daniel MacArthur
    June 17, 2009

    Hi Hidde,

    The article can be accessed by registering – which is a pain, but won’t actually cost you anything. 🙂

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