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Genetic Future is moving to Wired

In my second big piece of news for the day, I’m pleased to announce that Genetic Future will shortly be moving to a  the brand new Wired Science Blogs network. While the network was announced today there will be a brief hiatus before I get started in my new home, due to the time constraints…

Blogging hiatus

Blogging on Genetic Future will be pretty much non-existent for the next three weeks.

Genetic Future on Twitter

So I’m trying this Twitter thing all the cool kids are talking about – seems like a handy way to share interesting genetics-related stuff that doesn’t quite warrant a full blog post. If you are so inclined you can follow me here. That is all. ¬†Subscribe to Genetic Future.

I doubt anyone’s noticed, but I recently rearranged my “Blogs I Read” menu to give appropriate prominence to three fellow genomics bloggers: Anthony Fejes, Dan Koboldt and David Dooling. If you’re interested in the cutting edge of modern genomics you should definitely be reading these guys; all three are researchers working on hard problems in…

A very belated note to say that I’ll be hosting the 42nd Gene Genie blog carnival here this weekend. Gene Genie showcases the best of the blogosphere on any topic pertaining to genes and gene-related diseases. Due to the late announcement I’ll be accepting submissions up until Saturday night (whatever your time zone). Please submit…

New feed for the DNA Network

Some of you may have noticed that the RSS feed for the DNA Network has been down for quite some time. Hsien-Hsien Li from Eye on DNA has come up with a work-around. To re-subscribe to the Network, click here.

Mendel’s Garden

Chris over at A Free Man has done a great job putting together the latest issue of genetics blog carnival Mendel’s Garden – check it out.

Update: Please RSVP on Facebook if possible. Tim Lambert from Deltoid has organised a ScienceBlogs millionth comment party in Sydney. I’ll be there as well (albeit probably looking a little frazzled and well in need of a beer, as I move to the UK on the following Monday!). Here’s what Sydney readers need to know:…

Welcome to Genetic Future

Welcome to the new look Genetic Future, now hosted on ScienceBlogs. In around five years, a complete genome sequence will be readily affordable for most citizens of wealthy industrialised nations – even those of us on a researcher’s salary. At the same time we will have access to vast amounts of data about the effects…