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Quiz epidemic

Does my blog own me? Since girl scientist started it, I Ihad to go along….

A fell wind stirs….

The first week of spring, and two birds have already been the victims of domestic selection….

The genius of stupidity

John Lynch comments on an impending list of Ph.D. scientists who dissent from Darwin. He doesn’t care, and neither do I, ho hum. As I’ve noted in the past (and plenty of others have) these lists are usually stacked with physical scientists, and within the life sciences they are slim on individuals from integrative fields…

Well, I’ve been having fun reading John Hawks’ posts on the term “genomics,” and I’m sure Evolgen thinks I’m a bit too preoccupied with the three old thugs of population genetics…but this article, Marriage of Math and Genetics Forges New Scientific Landscape is kind of funny, the past is the future! After all, both R.A.…

Evo-thugz in the house!!!

About a month ago I asked around for some bio-geek-rhymes. MC Coffee Mug, AKA The Genius, stepped forward. Props to the thug (and PUBMED too). Matako-chan, represent!

Angelina Jolie is an atheist

Did you know that Angelina Jolie is an atheist? I didn’t… Another materialist young female celebrity below the fold….

It’s good to be an atheist

I’ve received several emails about this study, Atheists identified as America’s most distrusted minority. This shouldn’t surprise too many people, but I think some perspective is in order. I think the results are probably accurate, but, I also think that the belief is wide but shallow. I went to high school in an area that…

Dan Dennett on Radio Open Source

Dan Dennett will be on Radio Open Source today to talk about his book Breaking the Spell. I’ve been getting into it on the comment boards. Update: Re: Dennett’s book, I read it. It is a good review of the literature, though I highly recommend you go straight into the primary sources (though for Rod…

A method and a culture

Some of the Science Bloggers are coming up with taxonomies of biologists, physicists and anthropologists and chemists. This is great, and I don’t have anything to add except that it is always important to remember that science the method is irrelevant without the science the culture. It itself is embedded within the broader culture, and…

Jewel & her cousin

I saw The New World last night. It was pretty dull, but can anyone else see the resemblence between Q’Orianka Kilcher and Jewel Kilcher? (coefficient of relatedness 1/8)