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PZ’s readers are in a tizzy over this somewhat counterintuitive map: Notice something weird? If the “Bible Belt” is measured by “religious adherents,” then it is slapped vertically across the middle of the country, not in the south. Something is wrong here.

Tom & Katie’s freak is here!!!!

The spawn of TomKat lives! Abiola Lapite speculated that Cruise had holoprosencephaly, which would result in miscarriages in his partners. I emailed Lapite and his response was “And how exactly do you know it’s his?” Good point. The Superficial has more of course.

And god was angry with his creation!

I just found out that a 19th century geologist, John Phillips, was so struck by discontinuities in the stratigraphy of fossil depositions that he believed there had been multiple Creations. What Phillips was seeing were the mass extinctions, like the Permian event, which resulted in an elimination of most genera and a subsequent radiation of…

Clash of freedoms

Beliefnet has a story about Opus Dei disavowing the publication of a cartoon by a local group which put Muhammad in Hell taking after Dante. The officials make it clear that the decision was in part driven by pragmatic concerns of violence after the Danish cartoon controversy, but I found this conclusion amusing:

Francisco Ayala & autogenocide

Interesting profile of Roman Catholic evolutionary biologist Francisco Ayala. As an aside they note: In conducting the studies he had suggested, Ayala also made the unexpected discovery that the parasite P. falciparum can reproduce not just sexually, but clonally as well: it can fuse male and female gametes – sexual reproduction – or transmit all…

Just a quick review about some issues that I assumed implicitly in my post where I took issue with genetic drift as a force for population variation. It isn’t like genetic drift can’t result in variation…but the researcher seemed to be pointing to founder effect which would homogenize alternative populations and “fix” them into alternative…

10,000 years of natural selection

Below the fold is an image of a fine specimen of fitness being signalled by aesthetic characters….

My personal DNA

Via grrlscientist I found the Personal DNA test. I was attracted to the title before I realized it was a personality test, but it seems a rather good one. I am a: More details here. Seems about right, though personality tests tend to skew toward positive labels to make you accept their evaluations. So I’ll…

Two wave theory & the New World

I read the paper that Afarensis pointed me to,

Good godists

Rob Knop, physicist and Christian, offers us his ruminations on religion. But Rob is not an “orthodox” Christian from what I can tell, he says in a follow up post: …do I really believe that Jesus was really bodily resurrected, in contrast to everything we have observed, and everything we know and understand about human…