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Brown Gaucho seems to have set up a petition under the heading “Conservatives against Intelligent Design.” I am the first signer. Come now John, why not make it official?

Update: John not only signed, but he linked from The Corner.

There have been some questions regarding whether I am a “conservative.” I don’t know, I am actually at this point a very milquetoast libertarian. But, I am not big on labels and I will accept what people term me, and many say I am right-wing or conservative. As a “person of color” my attitudes toward racial and cultural issues (against affirmative action, against identity politics, pro-Western civilization) put me firmly on the Right. Years ago the “black conservative” Shelby Steele would object when people termed him as such because he considered himself a liberal, who for the record was opposed to school prayer and was pro-choice. But several years ago he just gave up, because as a black man in America it became clear to him that there was only one set of issues that determined his politics in the eyes of the rest of the country.

As for evolution and the Right, I pointed out in my post titled The Anglican origins of Neo-Darwinianism? that the leading light of the Modern Evolutionary Synthesis, R.A. Fisher, was himself a Tory and an Anglican. The connection between right-wing politics, evangelical Christianity and anti-evolutionism might seem fundamental and obvious to modern Americans, but there is nothing self-evident about these correlations. Rather, they are the product of particular historical circumstances and confluences of contingent events. More on this topic later….


  1. #1 IndianCowboy
    June 1, 2006

    argh you stole my thunder, biatch. I was going to make a big announcement post and start begging all you people for publicity tommorrow.

  2. #2 Jeff
    June 1, 2006

    Why didn’t he call it conservative for evolution or conservatives against intelligent design and creationism. Answers in Genesis has been quite adamant about opposing intelligent design and I doubt they are the people indiancowboy is trying to get. Sure in the body of the petition he makes it clear its against creationists as well but the intelligent designers and creationists are not all that well known for reading comprehension in the first place.

  3. #3 IndianCowboy
    June 1, 2006

    Jeff, same reason I didn’t call it Conservatives And Libertarians Against Intelligent Design. Too long, too wordy, not catchy enough.

    I understand your concern, and believe me I took it into consideration. I had the help of older and wiser heads at a couple of pretty big organizations in reading over hte mission statement and the game plan.

    ID is at the point of the wedge strategy. The undisguised creationists will only get far enough in places where this group is likely to have no impact anyway. What needs to be attacked is the stuff that can appear ‘reasonable’ and ‘scientific’ while being anything but. That’s ID, not ‘creation science’.

  4. #4 IndianCowboy
    June 1, 2006

    oh my god

    LOLOLOL gotta link from

    And guess what Derbyshire referenced me as? BROWN GAUCHO


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