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This is more for google, but if you missed anything, you should check it out. Here is a replay of the introgression & Neandertal related posts….

Neandertal & H. sapiens sapiens interbreeding
Neandertal-“modern” mixing
Introgression related posts over the past 6 months

Main course:
Did Modern Humans Get a Brain Gene from Neandertals? (link to Lahn. et. al.)
Neandertal & humans – introgression (this has the nice graphic that people seem to think illustrates the concept pretty well)
The Neandertal child (a face to it all)
Introgression vs. gene flow (illustration of introgression and verbal exposition)
2s-a little interbreeding goes a long way (a bit more quantitative exposition of why a little interbreeding is all that’s needed)

Neanderthal introgression & microcephalin (Greg Cochran’s thoughts, he is co-author of a paper with John Hawks on this topic)
Neandertals in our midst (this is from Seed Magazine, and probably the most thorough of the popular press pieces)
Your Great * 1800 Grandmother Was a Neanderthal

The following are posts by John Hawks
Neandertal introgression, anatomically
Neandertal introgression, genetic
Introgression and microcephalin FAQ
Why introgression
What about species?


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