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Introgression, the sequel

About a month ago I posted quite a bit about Neandertal introgression into modern humans. That is, the uptake of Neandertal alleles are a few specific adaptively salient loci even while ancestry remains predominantly African. Now John Hawks and Gregory Cochran have a new paper out, Dynamics of Adaptive Introgression from Archaic to Modern Humans,…

Futurepundit on neo-eugenics

Randall Parker has some comments on my neo-eugenics post.

Don’t tell the stupid cuckold!

Here is a summary of findings by a paper which suggests that the vast majority of genetic counselors tend to err on the side of protecting a mother’s privacy if her husband is not the father of her child. Here is an important point though: It is much more likely that bringing up the possibility…

ScienceBlogs portrait

Check out the ScienceBlogs group portrait. They caught me chillin’ with my buddy PZ. I wonder if the designer who worked on this ran out of brown pixel, cuz Selva & I look mighty pink! Chris Mooney out front looks a bit uncomfortable. And straight up, WTF are Evil Monkey & Mike Dunford doing???

Welcome Deep Sea News!

Welcome Deep Sea News! These are some manly hhhaawwwttt bloggers!

Look to Westphalia, yo!

Ali is talking about Andrew Sullivan using his “30 years War:Sunni vs. Shia, etc., in Iraq” analogy. All the talk is cool, but there’s a serious problem with the analogy: no one knows anything about the 30 Years War! You heard me right. For an anology to work like so: X ⇒ Y, you need…


Unbelievers in the hands of an Angry God

Storm slams Pacific Northwest. People ate in because the wind was so bad outside for lunch in the office. We are also the most unchurched region of these United States.

P-eter comments on the Pakistani family which can’t feel pain. I remember in a genetics course once seeing the professor chart out a pedigree and calculate inbreeding coefficients and the expectation of the unmasking of deleterious alleles given certain matings. Now and then we would laugh nervously since of course real matings between individuals so…

Why are women more religious?

Bryan Caplan reviews a survey which suggests that women are more religious cross-culturally than men. If you’ve been involved in the Freethought movement this won’t surprise you. Here’s an important point: Once people admit that this gender gap exists, the most popular explanation is that women are “socialized” to be more religious. Stark and Miller…