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What science fiction writer am I?

Pretty cool. Via Afarensis. I am: Arthur C. Clarke Well known for nonfiction science writing and for early promotion of the effort toward space travel, his fiction was often grand and visionary. Which science fiction writer are you?


Matt has a “Basic Concepts” post on Anisogamy.


Thinking about it today, I realized there is a “Basic Concept” that I think I should touch upon, and that is linkage disequilibrium (LD). Notice the wiki link? I do that whenever I mention LD because it is such an essential concept for some of the evolutionary ideas which I am interested in, but often…


John Wilkins has a long post on species concepts.

Basic concepts – 8th grade math

Many fellow ScienceBloggers are doing a “Basic Concepts” series. Here are some of them: Mean, Median, and Mode Normal Distribution Force Gene Central Dogma of Molecular Biology Evolution Clade Instead of thinking up something new I’ve decided to repost a an older post where I cover the “basic” equations and models which I pretty much…

My post below, Group selection & the naturalistic fallacy, elicited some interesting comments. First, I mentinoed W.D. Hamilton’s allusion to a relationship between fascism & group selection. Here is what he said: ‘Liberal’ thinkers should realize from the outset that fervent ‘belief’ in evolution at the group level, and especially any idea that group selection…

10 Questions for György Buzsáki

amnestic does 10 Questions for György Buzsáki.

Genetic stochasticity & environments

So I near the end of my survey of chapter 5 of Evolutionary Genetics: Concepts & Case Studies.1 Today, we address environmental variation, but I think sometimes the end is the beginning, so I quote: Random environment models have many technical aspects…that make them difficult to analyze. As a result, they have ben largely ignored…

Over at Bora’s place he talks about a paper on group selection. In regards to the scientific idea and its broad relevance to evolutionary biology, I am mildly skeptical. That being said, this comment drew my attention: While endorsing DS Wilson’s Unto Others, Richard Lewontin mentioned an unsavory aspect of group selection (NYROB, 10/22/98): namely,…