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Trivializing analogies?

Chris of Mixing Memory rips into the usual suspects for analogizing atheist activism with the women’s suffrage movement. I have basically taken a sabbatical from these SB intramural debates about religion, Creationism, etc. So I’ll let you comment over there. But, I will offer that I’ve never been jumped for being an atheist, but I…

Bonus Kat

Genetic conundrum

Obviously a sex-linked trait. All males seem to exhibit the trait but none of the females. It can’t just be the lack of something on the X, otherwise some of the females would have exhibited this trait as well. No, perhaps a mutant on the Y which acts in a trans & “dominant” acting manner…

I was at the local food co-op when I saw Brother Bru Bru’s African Hot Sauce. It said it was “very hot!” on the label, and since some of you had recommended African hot sauces to me earlier I decided to check it out. The label suggests that there were assorted peppers mixed into this…

Born to run?

Here is a report on some developments on the hypothesis that humans are very well evolved to run in the heat. A physical anthropologist told me that while cold adapted peoples can acclimate to tropical conditions, heat adapted peoples are not as good at the reverse. That suggested to me that as a tropical species…



It’s been a cold & rainy April. This morning I got up and walked down the block to take an unobstructed photo of the mountains which loom over my apartment. When I visit the Midwest I am always struck by the 2-dimensional topography….

Bookie Monster?

Today I was accused of being a “bookie monster.” I suppose it is apt.

Why overdominance ain’t all that

A few days ago I posted about how overdominance, the fitness advantage of a heterozygote (an Aa genotype instead of an AA or aa genotype), can maintain polymorphism (genetic variation) within a population at a locus. Roughly, the equilibrium ratio between the two alleles is determined by their respective fitnesses in the homozygote state. For…

The fall of Rome

I have a review up over at my other weblog of the book The Fall of Rome: And the End of Civilization.