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Tripoli 6 are free!


  1. #1 Ruchira
    July 24, 2007

    Nicolas Sarkozy sent his (on again, off again) wife to negotiate and clinch the deal! The stuffed shirts in the EU and the French opposition parties are feeling grumpy about the flashy Sarkozy by-passing diplomatic protocol (they really mean “them”). Oh, come on! Anything is welcome in freeing the wrongly incarcerated and softening up ex-dictators who are now willing to join the international main stream. The fewer enemies we have in that part of the world, the better our chances of eroding Osama B.L.’s influence.

  2. #2 vera
    July 25, 2007

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  3. #3 dougjnn
    July 25, 2007


    From what I can tell, the basic deal was struck by Tony Blair many months ago. What he dangled was full diplomatic ice thawing and huge new British Petroleum investments in Libya, together with an EU paid for medical treatment for the 400 plus aids infected kids and a payoff for their families.

    What has happened since until now has been a kind of Kabuke dance whereby the families and Islamists got their harsh final high Libyan court judgment for righteous satisfaction, but had agreed to merciful pardons in return for money. Libya got to preserve it’s fiction that the European (Bulgarian) nurses and doctor were guilty of the horror of aids infection rather than their own medical system and dirty needles.

    The French and Sandrine Sarkozy in particular got to be the final figureheads for a deal that had long ago been struct.

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