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Neandertals in Siberia & Central Asia

I don’t know if we should believe Svante Pääbo anymore, but his lab has some new findings re: Neandertal mtDNA:

Good in the name of God

I have to say, this Ian Buruma op-ed, Religion as a force for good, read my mind in relation to the events of the past few days. Another rebellion civil society against an autocracy coalescing around the predominant religion of a society. What’s surprising? The Iranian revolution against the Shah, the Christian led protests against…

Carl Zimmer on

Carl Zimmer is on

Pew has a new survey out, Public Expresses Mixed Views of Islam, Mormonism. The table to the left summarizes the most important points in the survey: Americans dislike Islam somewhat more than Mormonism, and they think Mormonism is a pretty weird religion (and on the whole, barely Christian). And of course atheists are the gold-standard…

Important papers on recent human evolution

This post is more of a personal note…here are three papers that are really cool must reads: Williamson SH, Hubisz MJ, Clark AG, Payseur BA, Bustamante CD, et al. (2007) Localizing Recent Adaptive Evolution in the Human Genome. PLoS Genet 3(6): e90 doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.0030090 Voight BF, Kudaravalli S, Wen X, Pritchard JK (2006) A Map of Recent Positive Selection in the Human Genome.…


How the human species kept it together (?)

Yesterday I put up a post where I attempted to use a visual analogy for what I believe might be evolutionary forces operative over short periods of time that result in phenotypic diversification across populations with recent common ancestry. But what about the flip side? In the case yesterday the basic genetic substratum, the preponderance…

How the human races got their stripes

In my post The new races of man I tried to offer a verbal exposition of my current thinking as to how and why human physical variation shows the patterns we see around us. In short, I believe that powerful selective forces have reshaped a subset of the human genome in similar and different ways…

Bangladesh not most corrupt!

Here are the rankings for this year according to Transparency International.

A post-Christian America?

Regular readers know that I often check in on the results from The Barna Group, an evangelical Christian polling outfit. On the one hand I think The Barna Group tends to be a bit alarmist (they have a very narrow definition for a “Biblically based Christian,” e.g., Catholics don’t count), but on the other hand…