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Why katz are cute

Via Grrlscientist.

Monkeys with bad habits

The death of an Indian politician due to a monkey mob is getting a lot of attention. But Ruchira Paul points me to an older story which I think is even more interesting: They have invaded the prime minister’s office and the Defence Ministry, helping themselves to top secret military files. … Some 250 monkeys…

Why white people are so colorful!

Another day, and another genome-wide association study. Genetic determinants of hair, eye and skin pigmentation in Europeans: …We carried out a genome-wide association scan for variants associated with hair and eye pigmentation, skin sensitivity to sun and freckling among 2,986 Icelanders. We then tested the most closely associated SNPs from six regions–four not previously implicated…

Bobby Jindal: ignorant genius

Some of you know that Bobby Jindal was just elected as the governor of Louisiana. Jindal has an interesting story, he’s the son of Indian immigrants, received degrees in biology and public bolicy from Brown, passed on Harvard Medical School for a Rhodes Scholarship, and took over the Louisiana Public Health System at the age…

“I am condom friend!”

Adaptationism not right-wing!?!?

An Empirical Examination of Adaptationists’ Attitudes Toward Politics and Science. You can find a full preprint at Geoffrey Miller’s site. The abstract: Critics of evolutionary psychology and sociobiology have advanced an adaptationists-as-right-wing-conspirators (ARC) hypothesis, suggesting that adaptationists use their research to support a right-wing political agenda. We report the first quantitative test of the ARC…


Genetics videos

Carl Zimmer interviews Craig Venter (video). They’re talking most genomics and creating life from “scratch.” Also, Esther Dyson talks about the personal genome.

Please go read it now.

Political views @ ScienceBlogs

About a year ago Tim Lambert asked ScienceBloggers to check out a political quiz and collected the responses. 29 of us responded, and below the fold I’ve placed two graphs which display a smoothed out frequency distribution across the two axes generated by the survey. As noted by the author of the quiz the two…