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Watching out Bloggingheads.TV

Ross Douthat introduces The Table: Atlantic Voices in Conversation. I dig the head bob! Very professional.

Xmas is not about Truth

Ed, Greg & PZ have commented on the strange reaction of the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary toward Richard Dawkins’ enthusiasm for Christmas traditions. So “why would an atheist want to sing Christmas carols?” The same reason that the study and reading of literature has not been reduced to physics. We humans appreciate…

EVOLUTIONARY ADAPTATIONS: THE IMPACT OF LIGHTER SKIN: It would take someone with dark skin of African or South Asian ancestry about 60 minutes at the same time of day to make the amount of vitamin D that a person of European ancestry would make in about 10 minutes, estimates Reinhold Vieth, one of Canada’s top…

So The Superficial is reporting that Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant by her boyfriend Casey Aldridge. Jamie Lynn is Britney Spears’ younger sister, and at 16 she will be a “teen mother,” but not a stereotypical one. Jamie Lynn Spears has her own television show and seems to have her shit “together.” The stereotype is…

Four Stone Hearth #30

Check out Four Stone Hearth #30.

Maternal grandparents go the extra mile?

Family Ties That Bind: Maternal Grandparents Are More Involved In The Lives Of Their Grandchildren: For grandparents living within 19.5 miles (30 km) of their grandchildren, over 30% of the maternal grandmothers had contact daily or a few times a week. Around 25% of the maternal grandfathers had contact daily or a few times a…

Adaptive acceleration

The acceleration story has finally cooled down a bit judging by my google news feed. That being said, I suggest you check out the comments threads on p-ter’s two posts, here & here. John Hawks and some of the other authors of the paper have been participating in the back and forth. The paper is…

Pygmies & life history reviewed

Greg Laden has a pretty thorough critique of Life history trade-offs explain the evolution of human pygmies.

Oekologie #12

Oekologie #12 at Behavioral Ecology Blog.


For those of you who like it dead, The Accretionary Wedge #4.