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Guest Katz

Got these pix via a forward. Thought it might be a nice change of pace….

Rewriting Islam

Lots of articles on the radical reinterpretation of the Hadith in Turkey. The Hadith serve as the basis for Islamic law, and orthopraxy more generally. I am on the record as saying that texts don’t in the end determine anything, so obviously I’m skeptical. But, I will simply point to a historical analogy; in the…

Selection, but for what???

In my post below about a possible locus to look at to explain the normal variation in hair form we see around us a reader asked: I was once suckered into giving a course on animal ecophysiology (I was told it was basic ecology until after it was too late to back out) which was…

Delegate calculator

If you haven’t, check out Slate‘s delegate calculator. It looks hard for HRC….

Science blogs, what are they good for?

John Hawks as a long post on the kerfuffle over “good” science blogging. I think John is right to emphasize the importance of search engine traffic for “specialist” posts; there’s a significant long tail effect here.

William F. Buckely was a racist

Many are quoting this from an editorial by William F. Buckley Jr.: “The central question that emerges…is whether the White community in the South is entitled to take such measures as are necessary to prevail, politically and culturally, in areas where it does not predominate numerically? The sobering answer is Yes–the White community is so…

The Audacious Epigone crunches the Pew Religion Survey and comes up with some more insights….

Why is hair kinky?

I saw this paper in Nature Genetics, Disruption of P2RY5, an orphan G protein-coupled receptor, underlies autosomal recessive woolly hair: The genetic determinants of hair texture in humans are largely unknown. Several human syndromes exist in which woolly hair comprises a part of the phenotype; however, simple autosomal recessive inheritance of isolated woolly hair has…

Parallel Selection on TRPV6 in Human Populations (Open Access): …The selective footprints, however, are significantly differentiated between non-African populations and estimated to be younger than an ancestral population of non-Africans. The possibility of a single selection event occurring in an ancestral population of non-Africans was tested by simulations and rejected. The putatively-selected TRPV6 haplotype contains…

Where are brown people short?

In the comments to my post, Why brown people are midgets, a reader pointed me to this paper, which tabulates and analyzes some data from the 1960s for males. There isn’t anything too surprising in the data set; Punjabis are tall compared to non-Punjabis, higher castes are taller than lower castes. There is a lot…