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ScienceDebate 2008 announcement

Got an email from Sheril today:

Well it’s finally happened!  It’s official. Hillary Clinton, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, and Barack Obama have been invited to ScienceDebate2008. 

The location? Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute, named after one of our nation’s greatest scientists (and greatest patriots). The date? April 18, days before the Pennsylvania Primary.

We’re so close to seeing this through and now more than ever, we need you’re help!  This is our biggest news yet and the first tangible Call to Action for the blogger coalition beyond the announcement.  The time has come to mobilize your readers.

We are asking that you not only announce the invitation, but also to engage readers to take action.  How people can get involved is listed within our post:

1. Contact the campaigns, and tell them to attend ScienceDebate2008! A
list of contact information for the campaigns can be found here


2. Write letters to the editor of your local newspapers, raising
further awareness about this initiative. Some handy letter writing tips
can be found here.

3. Tell a friend about ScienceDebate2008 (handy link
here). We need to spread the word as much as possible at this critical
time. We’re at 13,000 supporters right now; we want to get to 15,000
supporters by the end of the week and 20,000 supporters by the end of
the month. We need your help to make that happen.


  1. #1 D
    February 12, 2008

    This is SO going to work…
    – The guy who wrote the ‘Republican War on Science’ wants to hold a Science Debate. I’m sure both parties will be equally eager to participate.
    – I am certain Huckabee in particular wouldn’t want to risk losing the pro-science vote.

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