Gene Expression

Guest Katz

Got these pix via a forward. Thought it might be a nice change of pace….





  1. #1 agnostic
    February 29, 2008

    He has the best “wtf is going on?” look in the 2nd picture — when they don’t look directly at what’s pissing them off, but just raise their head, irritated.

  2. #2 Alan Kellogg
    March 1, 2008

    Picture #2

    You comfy finally?

  3. #3 bard
    March 1, 2008

    Is there an avian category of the Darwin Awards?

  4. #4 diana
    March 2, 2008

    Cute overload!

  5. #5 ziel
    March 3, 2008

    Perhaps Toxoplasma has crossed the Class barrier.

  6. #6 AriSan
    March 13, 2008

    Adorable scenes! A canine and an avian are getting along such a friendly and peaceful way, though they both seem to be juveniles, domesticated and trained to play together apparently, overcoming their natural ways of ‘catch and eat’ in the wild, is beautifully presented. I don’t think it’s easy to get them posing together as seen in those pictures. Substantial skills, patience and time must have been put to produce these wonderful scenes. Enjoyed and appreciated!

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