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Katz update

Just an FYI, but Kat photos will be delayed by a day or so this week. But if you are interested in katage, check out this week’s South Park.


  1. #1 cuchulainn
    March 29, 2008

    I actually thought the funniest part of that episode was the end. ‘Scrambles, so good to have you back. You ain’t sore at us, are ya?’ Cue cat attack. The thing is – you could actually see a cat doing this.

  2. #2 Sandgroper
    March 30, 2008

    We have a cat for a Door God at our apartments. A watch-cat. The security guards rescued this abandoned kitten with most of its tail missing from a construction site. Now it’s an adult cat it sits up there next to the guards watching the main entrance intently all day long.

    I’m not anthropomorphising, it’s what it does. No idea what it’s watching for. Rat burglars, maybe.

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