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Open Access Wars, part n

Reed Elsevier caught copying my content without my permission:

Scientists provide the content for Elsevier’s journals. They donate their time to review, and often edit, the articles that appear in the journals. They make up the bulk of the audience for the journals. Yet Elsevier has, time after time, demonstrated a complete lack of respect for scientists and the scientific community. It’s not a surprise that they would decide to grab my post, while ignoring my rights to my own material. It’s simply another example of where their focus is: intellectual property matters if and only if it’s theirs.

As they say, read the whole thing….


  1. #1 leigh
    August 14, 2008

    I published a paper in an an Elsevier book recently, although I had serious qualms before submitting it. The qualms were too justified. They redrew my figures, inserting several errors thereby. My equations were garbled. They didn’t want to send me proofs after their revisions, but the book’s editor managed to get them to do it. Most (not all) of the errors did get corrected this way, but obviously they don’t care about publishing accurate science.

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