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Why American exceptionalism?

Matt Yglesias moots the reasons behind America’s anti-socialist/individual tendencies. This is no illusion. America’s Left party, the Democrats, have links with the Centrist Democrat International. This is an organization which roughly represents the international Center-Right, e.g., the Christian Democratic parties of Europe. The Democrats used to have observer status when this organization was more explicitly…

The Personal Genome Project

If you are interested in the Personal Genome Project, you can get the all the down-low over at Genetic Future. Really, just go read Genetic Future.

Genghis Khan → Serpentor?

Finding Hidden Tomb Of Genghis Khan Using Non-Invasive Technologies. Cool right? My first thought was Serpentor: …He was created through a breakthrough in cloning research by Dr. Mindbender from the DNA extracted from the unearthed remains of the most ruthless and effective military leaders in history, including Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Attila the Hun, Philip…

Culture & cognition

There is a new blog some readers might find of interest, Culture and Cognition. Dan Sperber, who did a 10 questions nearly 3 years ago, is a contributor. Imagine, what if cultural anthropology was dominated by people who didn’t behave like literary critics or aspire to be political revolutionaries?

Do the really rich support Obama?

A commenter points me to a post by Robert Frank, The Rich Support McCain, the Super-Rich Support Obama: More than three quarters of those worth $1 million to $10 million plan to vote for Sen. McCain. Only 15% plan to vote for Sen. Obama (the rest are undecided). Of those worth more than $30 million,…


Political pundits are worthless

Check out Howard Fineman’s new column, Why Is the Race So Close?. His method of “analysis” is simple; list a number of factors which should favor the generic Democrat, and then contend that Obama’s average 6 point lead in the polls is not large enough. Actually, I put the 6 point lead part in there,…

If there is one “politics” book you should read this year, it is Red State, Blue State, Rich State, Poor State: Why Americans Vote the Way They Do. Now, this sort of acclamation does need to be tempered by the fact that I myself don’t really read “political” books very often. But despite the modest…

Cute baby animals (zoo edition)

Hatin’ on Linux

Thomas Mailund is having serious issues with Ubuntu….