Gene Expression

Acceptance of Evolution & belief in God, over at Secular Right. Here’s my conclusion:

… In any case, I think the two observations I would make is that Roman Catholicism’s acceptance of evolution shows, as those nations tend to be above the trendline. And, Communism really, really, messes a nation up. I doubt that the rejection of evolution has as much to do with Lysenkoism as it does with overall underdevelopment….

But, you should go read the whole thing as there are charts that will likely interest….


  1. #1 Dipole Moment
    December 14, 2008

    USA clearly an extreme outlier among western countries…I’ve always been curious to see a state-by-state breakdown, especially given the wide interprovincial variation revealed by the Canadian survey. Would it look like 25 Austrias + 25 Turkeys?

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