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Women are the genetic future

Dan MacArthur has a post up where he discusses 23andMe’s outreach to “mommy bloggers.” This makes economic sense for any firm in this field. There’s only so much money to be made out of telling blue eyed nerds that they carry the gene for blue eyes. To use a computer analogy the way you can get the Apple II of personal genomics would be to convince millions of pregnant women of the utility of your tools.


  1. #1 Neziha
    March 31, 2009

    I think the most interesting stuff being done by amateurs with 23andMe is in the genetic genealogy community. They’ve nailed down where several important SNPs fit into the Y-chromosome tree, for instance, and are beginning to move into the X and autosomal stuff.

  2. #2 Daniel MacArthur
    April 1, 2009

    Neziha – yep, genetic genealogy is where it’s at. It’s a monstrously large market that still hasn’t been anywhere close to saturated, and the autosomal data that 23andMe et al. have access to is much more powerful than the traditional Y/mtDNA stuff.

    Health genetics will have its day eventually, but right now genetic ancestry is where the real utility of personal genomics lies.

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