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Pray the virus away

Carl Zimmer points out that Marianne Williamson is making some real strange suggestions in regards to the swine flue in The Huffington Post:

l) Pray it away. Just pray it away, asking God as you understand Him, the Divine Physician, Jesus or whatever other form of divine imagery works for you. Simply ask that it be removed from our midst.

2) Send love to Mexico. Between what’s actually been happening there with the drug wars, plus all the “Mexico is dangerous” thoughts we’ve loaded onto it over the last several weeks, it needs a major dose of love – the most powerful medicine of all – to dissolve the fear thoughts that have produced this flu.

It’s not that surprising that this was published in The Huffington Post, which has some issues with regards to quality control. Remember the Deepak Chopra post on evolution?


  1. #1 John Emerson
    April 29, 2009

    Huffington Post is one lady and her friends, and Arianna is a total flake. I don’t read it any more unless it’s linked. There’s good stuff there, but mixed in with crap.

  2. #2 F. Andy Seidl
    May 4, 2009

    I used to really enjoy the Huffington Post, but it has been sliding disturbingly more and more toward the new-age-wacky end of the spectrum.

    I blogged more about another recent example of this here:

    Deepak Chopra Does Not Understand Evolution–Deepak’s recent article in the Huffington Post makes it embarrassingly clear he has never really studied the theory of evolution at all.

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