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If you link to this weblog from your weblog, please update links: If you have not updated your feeds, please do so now: The old feed address will point for another week or so to the new feed, but eventually it will cease working.

I’m moving to Discover

Update your bookmarks: And RSS: If you have a weblog that links to ScienceBlogs GNXP, I would appreciate you update the link for the sake of PageRank. There isn’t much to say about the move. There wasn’t one big precipitating reason, a variety of reasons coalesced to make this the right thing to…


A week ago I observed that commenting was being transformed with the spread of Disqus and Echo. The Big Money has now introduced Echo: The comments themselves are also more interactive. Any of your postings can be shared with your friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, or any of your connections on the other supported…

South Park

14th season begins tonight. The website. You can usually get the episode a bit earlier at

Tickle Partay


On content redundancy

Felix Salmon, Link-phobic bloggers at the NYT and WSJ: The problem, here, is that the bloggers at places like the NYT and the WSJ are print reporters, and aren’t really bloggers at heart. I discovered this a couple of weeks ago, after I posted a long and detailed blog entry on the court case between…


Last spring I posted a review of Scitable at Nature. Since then Scitable seems to have expanded a bit, and I have given some more thought on its possible role in the ecology of the infosphere. Back in 2004 when I began to use Wikipedia regularly I was very impressed by the quality of the…