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Racial hygiene 2008?

FuturePundit points me to a research paper, Impact of a new national screening policy for Down’s syndrome in Denmark: population based cohort study: Results The number of infants born with Down’s syndrome decreased from 55-65 per year during 2000-4 to 31 in 2005 and 32 in 2006. The total number of chorionic villus samplings and…

What’s new in life science research?

If the title piques your interest, check out a new ScienceBlog of that name. The contributors are familiar faces….

Vitamin D protective against radiation?

A new story about Vitamin D, Could Vitamin D Save Us From Radiation?. I don’t even post most of the stuff on Vitamin D that shows up in my RSS. I have to wonder: is there some industry group pushing this? I know that there are often fads for “miracles cures” and biochemical silver bullets.

Genetic and Linguistic Coevolution in Northern Island Melanesia: …Here, we use high-quality data and novel methods to test two models of genetic and linguistic coevolution in Northern Island Melanesia, a region known for its complex history and remarkable biological and linguistic diversity. The first model predicts that congruent genetic and linguistic trees formed following serial…

How many years is pleasure worth?

FuturePundit reports on research which suggests that smoking removes 10 years from your life expectancy. It’s nice to see a number on this; it isn’t like this is a counterintuitive finding. But this sort of quantification is important. I don’t smoke, and I never have, but my experience in college was that people who smoked…

HIV & cities

Rise of colonial African cities kick-started AIDS pandemic: scientists: “As there must have been many opportunities for such transmission over past millennia, why did the AIDS pandemic not occur until the 20th century? “The answer may be that, for an AIDS epidemic to get kick-started, HIV-1 needs to be seeded in a large population centre.”…

Again, Bayblab looks into it. I’ve checked it out myself for obvious reasons and found similar stuff. You have to look at the net effects of something.

Hot peppers & pain

Bayblab has a post up, Which organisms can feel pain?, on capsaicin. The post also points to an article about a man dying after eating habanero chili paste (though the article makes me suspect it was some allergy). Related: 7 days of hot sauce.

The sexes do not differ on science

When I look through the GSS I am struck, and sometimes disturbed, by the way attitudes toward science track various demographic slices. It is no surprise that Fundamentalist Christians tend to be suspicious of science, but blacks and the poor also tend to be much more hostile than whites and the middle and upper classes.…

Four Stone Hearth #50

Yann is hosting Four Stone Hearth #50.