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Space, the forgotten frontier

The End of the Space Age: It’s important to recognize, though, that the decision in question belongs to all of us, and not just to Barack Obama. The administration wouldn’t be cutting the manned spaceflight program if Americans were still enthusiastic about going to the stars — if space exploration still occupied a privileged place…

The World Space Agency a comin’?

NASA to Review Human Spaceflight: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is preparing for a major evaluation of its human spaceflight program, even as many who will conduct the survey have yet to be informed of the agency’s revised mission. … The administration might also enlist the help and financing of other nations to handle…

The moon is not such a harsh mistress

Dynamic of the Cats as some commentary on the LCROSS landing the moon. The “big news” is the very high confidence now that one can put on the proposition that the moon does have water. Since humans are mostly water by weight, this is very important when assessing the practical difficulties of colonization or settlement.…

Stephen Hawking steps down

Hawking steps down as Lucasian professor in UK. H/T

NOVA: Is there life on Mars?

I notice that the NOVA documentary, Is there life on Mars?, is viewable online (from December 2008). Check it out.

Hawaii, going long on space tourism

Hawaii Looks to Space Tourism to Aid Recession Woes: According to the Honolulu Advertiser, the state would start by spending up to a million dollars developing a spaceport. But Hawaii isn’t alone: The state is already facing heady competition from states including Florida, Okalahoma and New Mexico, all of which are moving into the space…

Seed‘s Mr. Space Lee Billings has an interesting piece, The Long Shot: “If planets are found around Alpha Centauri, it’s very clear to me what will happen,” Marcy said. “NASA will immediately convene a committee of its most thoughtful space propulsion experts, and they’ll attempt to ascertain whether they can get a probe there, something…

Mars Science Laboratory on schedule!

Photo credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech I rarely post anything on space because I really don’t know much more than the average reader of this weblog; no value-add from me. But yesterday I ran across an article which reported the financial overruns in the Mars Science Laboratory project. Today NASA said that the project will launch on schedule.…


Flyby of Mercury Answers Some Old Questions: Mercury, the smallest planet, bakes in the heat of the Sun, but it has water in some form. It has volcanoes. It appears to have an active magnetic field generated by a molten iron core. And it has shrunk more than scientists thought.