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Singularity Institute Research Challenge

Ends today. Last Chance to Contribute to 2010 Singularity Research Challenge!: Thanks to generous contributions by our donors, we are only $11,840 away from fulfilling our $100,000 goal for the 2010 Singularity Research Challenge. For every dollar you contribute to SIAI, another dollar is contributed by our matching donors, who have pledged to match all…

Singularity Summit 2009

My thoughts on the talks at The Singularity Summit 2009 below the fold….

Homo sapiens, 2106 A.D.

This week Seed is asking the question: “Will the ‘human’ race be around in 100 years?” Since I suggested the question, I have a quick set of answers. I believe there are three primary categories of alternatives: 1) The rate of technological (both bio & computational) change will continue to accelerate, and “humanity” as we…

In response to a skeptical response to my post below from RPM I have posted an entry on my other weblog asking whether I am deluding myself in thinking that our generation is at an axial pivot in the progression of ages. If previous posts on this topic are any clue, the discussion should be…