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One more day to vote for GrrlScientist

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The longest-lived vertebrate of all….

This is a weird little fact which I’ve known for a while, but I thought readers might get a kick out of it. What is the longest-lived vertebrate individual which we have records to the extent that we can confirm with a high degree of certitude? You can guess the age and the rough species,…

India losing its groundwater

Americans know that the Ogallala Aquifer is important, and declining. This is much more of an issue in India, Satellites Unlock Secret To Northern India’s Vanishing Water: Using satellite data, UC Irvine and NASA hydrologists have found that groundwater beneath northern India has been receding by as much as 1 foot per year over the…


New rankings of Wikio Top Blogs for Science are up….

Tyler Cowen linked to a Time article on the phenomenon of Southern Americans being relatively overweight vis-a-vis Americans from other regions of the country. Several reasons are offered, from the lower per capita income of Southern states, to the fact that Southern food tends to be fried and less healthful. But the article doesn’t mention…

I have posted Creationism as a function of geography before. John Lynch pointed me to a new poll of Argentina, China, Egypt, Great Britain, India, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Spain and the USA. Though the set of countries is smaller than in some surveys, the number of questions asked were much larger: -Heard of Darwin…

God & welfare

Why should government welfare mean less religion?: This was a question that Anthony Gill and Erik Lundsgaarde tackled by in 2004. They analysed the data from a range of countries, and found that the greater proportion of GDP that was spent on government welfare, the more non-religious people there were and the lower church attendance…

Abs & back

Is Your Ab Workout Hurting Your Back?: Instead, he suggests, a core exercise program should emphasize all of the major muscles that girdle the spine, including but not concentrating on the abs. Side plank (lie on your side and raise your upper body) and the “bird dog” (in which, from all fours, you raise an…


FWIW, I’ve taken to using Bing for image and video searches. A lot of the time “Web 2.0” dynamism and interactivity are irritating to me, but I think M$ added some value compared to Google’s relatively vanilla interfaces. Intuitive too. Thoughts? This other blogger agrees.

Iran as Plato’s Republic

Joshua Trevino points out that Khomeini’s original conception of how the Iranian state was governed was to be governed was derived from Plato’s Republic. This is not that surprising, the Shia clerical elite of Iran has been engaged in various innovations from the 18th century on.