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September 11th

I don’t usually say much about September 11th because I don’t have much original to say. Bu I realized recently that to a great extent September 11th was one of the reasons I got into blogging in the spring of 2002. Obviously I don’t talk much about foreign policy or politics in any substantive manner,…

Desktop blogging

An Index Of Blogging Clients: Blogging clients allow you to prepare posts and then upload them directly. Useful for -composing drafts of posts offline -easier editing of HTML -easier inserting and handling of photos -easier editing of existing posts Here’s a list of the ones I know of. Any additions welcome.

Dan MacArthur of Genetics Future is at the center of a minor controversy because of his blogging The Biology of Genomes conference. Realistically it seems updating pre-internet protocols is just a band-aid solution. And the issues aren’t particular to blogging conferences, they’re general to the ease and fluidity with which information can flow today.