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Eliezer Yudkowsky is on with one of my favorite producers of brain-candy, the statistician Andrew Gelman. Here is Eliezer’s An Intuitive Explanation of Bayes’ Theorem, and David Spiegelhalter’s article on Bayesian statistics in Scholar pedia (which Gelman refers to favorably).

A friend pointed out to me that the regular brown guys on (Reihan Salam, and to a far lesser extent Ramesh Ponnuru and myself) 1) have names that start with “R” 2) lean Right

Same glasses edition

John Hawks & I did a diavlog for Science Saturday. We decided it would be appropriate to synchronize with dark-rimmed glasses. Also, Mr. Parrot kind of decided it was an opportune time to make a huge racket by swinging his perch against the cage repeatedly. Just so you know…. (I put it below the fold…

His two primary reasons: 1) Robert Wright publicly said that this was foolish, apologized for the poor editorial oversight that led to it, and says they’re going to try never to do this again. This looks sincere to me, and given that it’s sincere, people really ought to be allowed more chance than this to…

Carl Zimmer is rather mild-mannered, but has expressed rather strong sentiments about what recently happened on Sean Carroll, not surprisingly, has stronger opinions. But they’re now both proactively dissociating themselves from The McWhorter & Behe discussion is now back online. The issue is really simple. John McWhorter played up Michael Behe’s ideas as…

The episode is titled “your brains & your genes.” There’s more emphasis on economics than you think.

10,000 Year Explosion &

You can watch me talk to Greg Cochran about his book The 10,000 Year Explosion on this weekend…. There’s something interesting about the front page of right now.