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In my discussion with Eliezer I referred to “recreational genetics.” Basically, “for entertainment purposes only” genetics. For example, someone with blue eyes confirming that they have the alleles on OCA2 & HERC2 associated with blue eyes. Or a man with the surname O’Neill discovers that he has the Uí Néill Y chromosomal marker. Yes, people…

Charles Darwin was a genius (I think)

After watching Creation last week I decided to take the plunge and read Origin of Species. As I’ve mentioned before I did read Origin early in my teen years, but in hindsight with minimal comprehension. Since then I’ve occasionally started to read Origin, or perused an extract, but I’ve never made it from front to…


I went and saw Creation today. I enjoyed the film, though personally I am a bit tired of the religion vs. science angle. To some extent I felt that there was a conflation between the views & emphases of Thomas Huxley and Charles Darwin. Paul Bettany’s character seemed to be expositing a view of evolution…

Creation opens this week

Creation, the Charles Darwin biopic, is opening in a few large cities tomorrow.

What Darwin Never Knew (online)

If you missed it, you can still watch it online.

Those humanitarian founders!

Darwin’s idea has cost lives: Truths that America’s founding fathers had held to be self-evident – that all men were created equal and endowed with certain inalienable rights – were now scorned as gross sentimentalities that had been overtaken by Darwinian science. Within a decade the self-styled “scientific racialists” had begun to classify other groups…

“What Darwin Said”

My co-blogger at Gene Expression Classic, David, has completed a very interesting series today. 1: The Pattern of Evolution 2: Mechanisms of Evolution 3: Heredity 4: Speciation 5: Gradualism (A) 6: Gradualism (B) 7: Levels of Selection

Creation, Charles Darwin biopic

Creation, a biopic about Charles Darwin, premiers tomorrow at the Toronto International Film Festival. Trailer below….

Charles Darwin & Germany

Short article in PLoS Biology, Charles Darwin’s Reception in Germany and What Followed.