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Chimps, humans, and allopatry

Thomas Mailmund is going ape over chimps & humans again, Patterns of autosomal divergence between the human and chimpanzee genomes support an allopatric model of speciation. A review of a paper of the same name.

Chimpanzee & human speciation

Thomas Mailund on Doubts about complex speciation between humans and chimpanzees: Two patterns from large-scale DNA sequence data have been put forward as evidence that speciation between humans and chimpanzees was complex, involving hybridization and strong selection. First, divergence between humans and chimpanzees varies considerably across the autosomes. Second, divergence between humans and chimpanzees (but…

Chimpanzees are 2 X as strong as humans

So says John Hawks in Slate.

Genetic closeness != behavioral closeness

Sheril’s post, Chimpanzees Are NOT Pets!, is good. She notes: 1 Chimpanzees are wild animals. Animals that make good PETS like dogs and cats, have been domesticated for [thousands] of years. There has been selection on them against aggression, which is why a dog, unlike a wolf, will not automatically tear you to pieces. Anyone…