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If you have a minute, I’d appreciate it if you fill out this survey, the 6 questions should take 30 seconds (2 optional questions about where you came from to take the survey). This is for a friend’s research project. The results will be posted next week.

Dan MacArthur has a very good post, New York Times adopts medical establishment line on personal genomics: The NY Times has an article entitled “Buyer beware of home DNA tests” that adopts the paternalistic party line of the medical establishment: taking DNA tests without a doctor’s advice is hazardous to your health. Remarkably, the article…

More than a guy in pajamas

Dan MacArthur did a lot of legwork in this post on Complete Genomics.

Personal genomics, GWA & NEJM

A much more thorough post by Dan MacArthur on the recent issue of the New England Journal of Medicine & genomics.