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Yellowstone Vacation Photos

I’m back from vacation! There was no network access in Yellowstone, and virtually no cellphone service.

Anyway, a bunch of people asked me to post photos. I’ve got three sets of photographs, for the three main areas of the park that I visited: the Geyser area, the Terrace area, and the Canyon area.

The first (and largest) batch – the Geyser area – is uploaded into an album on Picasa.
The album still needs a lot of work – many things are out of order, mislabeled, etc; but the photos are there, and some of them are amazing! (No credit to me – I’m a mediocre photographer at best, using a crappy camera, but when the subject of the photos is sufficiently magnificent, even a crappy photographer can take a beautiful photo.)

Just click on the album cover below, and enjoy. Feel free to comment.

Yellowstone Vacation, Geyser Area


  1. #1 Rich
    September 4, 2007

    Very cool!
    Is there any Rockhounding to be had there?

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