Let’s Play Sue the Blogger

IN Galveston , Texas, Sandra Tetley, the parent of a student in the local public school district, runs a blog called “GISD Watch: Galveston Alliance for Neighborhood Schools.” SHe is being told by that school district to take her blog, or parts of it down, or else.

The blog, here, is or has been making allegations regarding mostly fiscal misconduct on the part of the board and/or it’s members.

From the blog itself:

This is how the GISD Board President David O’Neal, in his official capacity, chose to end the Board Meeting where the 7 Trustees voted unanimously to attempt to silence us. I guess this is a veiled attempt to send a warning to anyone else who would dare question the decisions of this illustrious board and administration! Toot! Toot!!

and here’s the video:

More information here.