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Outsourcing Pregnancy:

Indian women carry children for foreigners from
Some Indian women are turning to a new way of making money — carrying children for others as surrogate mothers.


But, it turns out, nobody did it for the Gipper, after all:

DNA Tests Show Gipper Didn’t Sire Child from
(AP) — A paternity test shows college football hero George Gipp wasn’t the father of a girlfriend’s child born shortly after his death, a family member said Saturday, but bitterness persisted over the exhumation of the body.


I’m not sure about this:

Fighting Fat and Climate Change from
(AP) — America’s obesity epidemic and global warming might not seem to have much in common. But public health experts suggest people can attack them both by cutting calories and carbon dioxide at the same time.


It makes sense at first glance … the more we eat the more carbon gets released because of the industry of food production and transport, and less exercise, also leading to obesity, represents more driving in the cars, etc.

But, isn’t it also possible that Fat is a great storage sink for Carbon? I mean, fat is made out of carbon, in part. And we as a nation are storing a LOT of fat . If every American went on a very effective diet and lost weight all at once, the resulting relase of carbon from this fat reservoir could be devastating.


  1. #1 the real FCM
    November 11, 2007

    Indian women carry children for White (primarily) privileged women…like most stories, they forgot the main point of class when talking about “white women”

  2. #2 J.C. Carvill
    November 22, 2007

    If I may freely comment on this..

    It’s quick and irresistable huge money for them, but don’t think they can take surrogate mother as a job or even a carreer.
    Some “customer” would also have some strict requirement for the surrogate mother like health condition and maximum of giving birth..

    Not mentioning getting emotionally involve with your work (with the fetus)..

    It’s bad option, I’d say.. but it is a fact that nowadays more and more are putting emotional impact & barrier off for money.

    J.C. Carvill