Archives for November 15, 2007

The world is getting too strange

… even for me. The robots are going to take over, and the Death Ray is going to become a reality any day now…

Linux Stuff

A little news, a couple of tips.

OMG It’s So Cute!

I like to report advanced technology that runs open source systems, like LInux. From Manufactum of Germany, we have a two pound PC, running Linux, of course, just over seven inches maximum dimension. It runs at 500 MHz, can handle a gig of RAM (default 512 MB) and an 80 gig hard drive. It is…

It starts with the roaches…

… then, who knows what next? Scientists use robotic bugs to change cockroach behavior from Roach-sized robots that scientists introduced into real roach colonies were able to change the bugs’ group behavior, a study released Thursday found. […]

Nature and Nurture

All of the following stories have one thing in common: They relate to the Nature-Nurture issue.

Planning on ever having an illness?

“Too bad for you…” says President George Bush.

Sidr: All bets are off

Look at this. See, mangrove swamps don’t slow you down. Sidr has been over “land” for hours and it is still a Cat-3 storm. And heading for much more populated areas.

Look Who’s Not Talking Now

Disturbing news regarding the San Fran Bay oil spill from the New York Times:

New Dino

I wish I had time right now to explore this, but you don’t need me when you have A Blog Around the Clock covering it so fully. Go read about the cool new (old) dinosaur.