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Blame, Jail, and Torture The Victim

This is the kind of story that makes it difficult to remain culturally relativistic. it also makes it hard to look at women who are in purdah walking around in a “free” country like the US and not, in part blame them for compliance. A woman was gang raped in Saudi Arabia. Fourteen times. Seven…

Get Your Own Genome Sequenced

Today, deCODE genetics announced the launch of their consumer genotyping service, deCODEme. deCODEme is the first personal genomics company to launch, and will provide sequencing information about 1 million SNPs for the introductory price of $985. The service has two components: [source] From deCODEme (Man, I’m siCK of these miXEDcase companynames.): “Through your subscription to…

IPCC Summary of Fourth Report

A few tidbits — just to give a flavor — from the Summary for Policymakers, which is available here. (Good luck downloading this file! You may want to wait until everyone is asleep…)

Bees Teach Techies a Trick or Two

You all know about the honey bee waggle dance. A bee finds some nectar, returns to the hive, does a dance that communicates information about where the nectar can be found to other bees, and off the workers go to get the nectar. Techies at Georgia Tech have applied this method to developing a better…

For the kids: Narrow Income Gap

According to research just out from the University of Nottingham, lowering the differential between high and low incomes can have a more positive effect on child wellbeing than simply growing the economy in countries that are already wealthy.

What’s the 411 on Goog 411?

[hat tip: Joe]

This report covers six topics: Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission trends Mitigation in the short and medium term, across different economic sectors (until 2030) Mitigation in the long-term (beyond 2030) Policies, measures and instruments to mitigate climate change Sustainable development and climate change mitigation Gaps in knowledge. This link will eventually get you to the PDF…

A report accepted by Working Group II of the Intergovernmental on Climate Change but not approved in detail Summary of main findings

The following is quoted from the Working Group I report

IPCC Fourth Assessment Report is here

Actually, here. There are three parts from three working groups. “The Physical Science Basis,” Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability,” and “Mitigation of Climate Change.” I shall presently post excerpts summarizing the reports.