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This is the seventh in a series of reposts from on global warming. This installment is about sea level rise and fall, in the past. Sea level change that results from the formation and melting of glaciers not only has an enormous impact on the physical nature of the landscape, but it also would…

Hey, wanna know some cool stuff you can do in a Linux terminal?

Beer Bottle Trick

[hat tip: Geekology] I’ve actually done this. It was part of our shop class in Jr. High. We didn’t make pencil holders, but rather, some kind of candle holder thingie. My friend Karl and I supplied the bottles. Hedrick’s quarts. (four for a dollar!)


Natural Selection is the key creative force in evolution. Natural selection, together with specific histories of populations (species) and adaptations, is responsible for the design of organisms. Most people have some idea of what Natural Selection is. However, it is easy to make conceptual errors when thinking about this important force of nature. One way…