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Blind Watchmaker Video

Blind Watchmaker Video

War on Christmas Update

Uncle Jay Explains the News

The Human Eye and Intelligent Design

Creationism disproved, again:

Do you want to be a Super Geek?

RAIDs (Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive [sic] Disks) are considered pretty handy for a number of things. This is an example of productive and practical use of a RAID. Granted, this project does not have the archaic grandeur of a Floppy Disk RAID, but then again, the capacity and performance of this system are utterly superior…

As a child in Catholic school, and later in public school and being sent off to “release time” religious instruction, I had the opportunity to read most of the Old and New Testaments of the standard bible. Later, in junior high school, I became interested in comparative religion, and read it all again, together with…

The latest news on Dembski’s arrest and imprisonment for stealing a science video from Harvard for use in his ID lectures is here, at Pharyngula. OK, I was only kidding about the arrest and imprisonment part. But seriously, do you know what an IZOD-LACOSTE cloud is? It is an atmospheric phenomenon first discovered, simultaneously buy…

Early Earth Atmosphere

Ohio State University geologists and their colleagues have uncovered evidence of when Earth may have first supported an oxygen-rich atmosphere similar to the one we breathe today. The study suggests that upheavals in the earth’s crust initiated a kind of reverse-greenhouse effect 500 million years ago that cooled the world’s oceans, spawned giant plankton blooms,…

The Vista Bounce

It could be called the Vista Bounce. Here is how it works:

Science News Tidbits

Lincoln may have had rare genetic disease Lincoln may have had rare genetic disease from A California doctor who studies rare ailments said Abraham Lincoln was probably dying of cancer from a rare genetic syndrome at the time he was assassinated. […] Scientist says Hittites began bioterrorism Scientist says Hittites began bioterrorism from…

Technologic Systems has announced a single-board computer (SBC) claimed to boot Linux 2.6 in under two seconds. The TS-7800 is equipped with a Marvell 500Mhz ARM9 CPU running a full Debian implementation, and includes a user-programmable on-board FPGA (field-programmable gate array) with 12,000 LUTs (look-up tables). [amazing. click here]