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Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 (5 – 25) are distinctly different and contradictory origin stories. The biblical origin story represented in this text has long been known to resemble a set of Sumerian stories that mainly deal with a multitude of gods interacting (some of these gods are converted to humans in the biblical version).…

Open Source College

Are there really open source colleges? Not really, but there are regular colleges that offer some degree of OpenSource learning.

Only nerds get this

Who needs a body?

… when you can have an Exoskeleton! [hat tip: Geekologie]

Fox Sex. News. You know the drill.

The Gaping Maw

This is a web site dedicated entirely to the collection of photographs of animals with gaping maws. Worth a look. But not too closely.

Origin of Native America

The origin and early history of Native American people has always been an issue of debate and contention. There has never been a moment when all, or even most, interested parties agreed on anything close to a single story. New research published in the Open-Access journal PLoS Genetics tends to support a very traditional (among…

Science News Tidbits

Discovery of gene for black coat color in dogs has broad implications Discovery of gene for black coat color in dogs has broad implications from The discovery of a gene responsible for black coat color in dogs may help researchers understand fundamental processes in humans, including the regulation of body weight and stress hormones.…

I’m Rich, I’m Rich!

Hey, look what I just got in the mail. Does this mean I”m rich?

…rapid judgments of competence based solely on the facial appearance of candidates predicted the outcomes of gubernatorial elections, the most important elections in the United States next to the presidential elections. In all experiments, participants were presented with the faces of the winner and the runner-up and asked to decide who is more competent. …Predictions…