Kirshenbaum Outs Self; Mit the Moron Mormon; John Locke’s Denialism; Evolution for Creationists.

Sheril Kirshenbaum, scientist, activist, babe, is out of the closet

Until this weekend, I hadn’t realized I’d been feeling pressure to hide…or at least remain somewhat obscure. I had reservations wondering whether a woman can really be taken seriously as a writer for her ideas, if on some level she is first perceived as female.

Sheril: It’s what you write that matters (on your blog). You new persona makes Chris look lame by comparison, but that’s his problem.

I’m sure there is some interesting discussion on Mitt Romney’s latest gaff regarding Islam here on Pharyngula. You can place commas in the previous sentence wherever you feel it is appropriate.

The latest moronic jabbering from John Locke Foundation:

The most recent global warming misinformation being spread around the industry-friendly blogosphere is the claim that the massive Arctic sea ice loss over the last 30 years is due to abnormal wind patterns and not global warming.


Answers in Genesis BUSTED! has a new series on evolution, written specifically for creationists. The first one is here.