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We are Moving Up in the World

Get a Free Beer [hat tip: Spewing Truth]

Holiday Shopping Tip #1

A Make It Yourself Merry Molecule Mug.

Be Good to OpenSource

Ten things you can do to help open source If you’re happy just using open source, then no problem. But if you want to contribute, because you have a problem that nobody else is fixing — or simply because you want to do your bit in exchange — it can be difficult to know where…

Blogospherics: Recommended reads

Good Math Bad Math wastes litte energy in his discussion of how tend to mangle the laws of thermodynamics. This is a good post to read if you are interested in this issue, from a scientific, mathematical point of view. Or, you can just skip to my favorite paragraph: And so, once again, I wonder……

Cool Stuff in the Blogosphere

Climate Change Denialism Denied S. Fred Singer has a climate change denialism letter on the Scientific American web site which, in turn, is obliterated by William M. Connolley here, on Stoat. We Have a Plot to Take Over the World!!!!! Actually, it’s the very catchy Pinky & the Brain’s neuroanatomy song here on Neurophilosophy. I…

The Most Polluted River in the World

Or so it is said:

This sort of appeasement is OK.

They call themselves “evolutionary evangelists” — an ordained minister and a science writer who travel full time to proclaim the “kick-butt good news” of evolution. They travel in a van decorated with a symbol of their gospel: The popular image of the Jesus fish kissing a bumper-sticker parody of that image — a Darwin fish…

Earth to Kansas … Come in please…

How many times do the Kansans have to go out of their way to prove to the rest of the world that Kansas is a state populated by morons, psychopaths and mental defectives? Well, OK, I admit, Kansas has no more than the normal share of psychopaths…

Happy Birthday Britney Spears

Sunday’s Sermon

Inherit The Wind