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Good Math Bad Math wastes litte energy in his discussion of how i-f337505870c19ec91c08c54385ef8425-Cdesign proponentsISTS.jpg tend to mangle the laws of thermodynamics.

This is a good post to read if you are interested in this issue, from a scientific, mathematical point of view. Or, you can just skip to my favorite paragraph:

And so, once again, I wonder… Is there any lower limit to the stupidity of what Bill Dembski will endorse? This moron, this scientifically illiterate jackass who piles together heaps of steaming gibberish, and presents them as “scientific research” – was invited by Demski to join ISCID – in 2002. So he wasn’t a new discovery by Bill this past June. Dembski’s known him, and his “work” for at least 5 years. He knows full well who Brookfield is, and what he does. And still he endorsed him – and dishonestly pretended that he had just noticed his work. Pathetic.

Primordial Blog: The Atheist War on Ignorance broadens the context of the idea of a Republican War on Science.

With all due respect to Chris Mooney, the Republican War on Science is merely a recent front in the long-running Christian War on Knowledge.

“Evidence that Satoshi Kanazawa knows nothing about evolution”

Remember this Evol. Psych guy from London School of Economics that was the author of the widely criticized peer-reviewed paper entitled Beautiful Parents Have More Daughters: A Further Implication of the Generalized Trivers-Willard Hypothesis. this is one in a long series of papers by kanazawa and Alan Miller that rely heavily on trends, anecdote, and untested theories. This is (generally speaking) not how science should be done…

The Beagle Project Blog on how this problem of creationists crawling all over the place is not just an Amerian problem…


  1. #1 Brian
    December 2, 2007

    Thanks for the link, Greg! Here’s to keeping the anti-knowledge folks at bay.

  2. #2 Martin
    December 2, 2007

    Thanks for the link! it is very interesting!

  3. #3 Matt
    December 4, 2007

    Greg, The link is not working for the Kanazawa story. Should be: