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Sperm Power

This is brilliant. Using sperm power to run tiny little robots.

Well, not worth it to you, but possibly to the Gordian Worm growing out of your head!

How To ….

Three Cool Stories from the NYT

Where the White-Tail Roam There certainly are plenty of deer. Wildlife experts estimate 32 million white-tails — by far the country’s dominant species of deer — roam America’s woods, fields and backyards. Last year, hunters killed 6.6 million of them.

Anthropological Angst

In the latest round of conflict over anthropologists’ cooperation with the U.S. military, members of the American Anthropological Association voted on Friday to ban certain kinds of secrecy in ethnographic work. In a motion passed by a voice vote during the organization’s annual business meeting here, members decreed that “no reports should be provided to…

Talking about Racism

I came across this interesting post by PortlyDyke: Trying to Get White People to Talk About Racism is Like . . . . . . . . . well, like trying to get white people to talk about Racism. … I mention this because I read a wide variety of blogs, and I notice that…

Happy Birthday the Transistor!

[hat tip: Science Buzz]

According to Think Progress The Center for Constitutional Rights recently produced an ad called “Rescue the Constitution” that criticizes the Bush administration for “destroying the Constitution” through the use of tactics like renditions and torture. Fox News is refusing to air the ad,

How to Blog

A lot of people ask me: “Greg, how do you blog?” I don’t actually like to talk about it very much, but I figured you might want to see a picture of my computer set up.


First, check out the Ask a Science Blogger entries for the question: What’s the deal with “virgin birth”??? Did she or didn’t she? Genetic testing and virgin birth What’s the deal with “virgin birth” (parthenogenesis)? The Bible as Ethnography ~ 05 ~ The Virgin Birth Are Men Necessary? “Ask a Science Blogger” Wants To Know!…