Technology Tidbits

A sea change may be underway. Start to learn Finnish!

High-tech Japan shocked as children snub science from
A new survey shows Japanese children sinking in academic scores and coming last internationally in the percentage seeking science careers, shocking a nation long proud of its technological prowess.


Study: Finns Are Best Science Students from
(AP) — Finnish students have the world’s best performance in science, according to a study published Tuesday.


Microbial fuel cells turn on the juice from
The combination of beer, wastewater, microbes, fuel cells, high school students and teachers sounds like a witches’ brew for an old -fashioned, illicit ’60s beach party.


(This will work with the Sperm-Bots earlier noted, I suppose)


  1. #1 T. Bruce McNeely
    December 5, 2007

    How about learning Canadian, eh?

  2. #2 Lassi Hippeläinen
    December 6, 2007

    Hyviä uutisia, ja vielä Itsenäisyyspäivänä.

    (For those who are linguistically challenged, today happens to be the Independence Day here in Finland.)