I have been tagged with the Seven Random and Weird Things Meme.

But as an anthropologist and a scientist, I find randomness dull. Randomness is the null model. I seek patterns. So, I will pass the meme on as required by The Law of the Internet, but not without some analysis.

The rules as I have received them are as follows:

  1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
  2. Share 7 random and or weird things about yourself.
  3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
  4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

My pedigree:

Mother: The Ridger, FCT at The Greenbelt
G’dmom: Grrrrrl Scientist at Living the Scientific Life
GG’mom: Tabor at One Day at a Time
GGGmom: Maya’s Granny
GGGGmm: Busha Full of Grace

The identity of my Great Great Great Grandmother is lost to obscurity. I can only presume that my lineage extends back to before there were blogs. There is a substantial debate as to how far back that might be. Some say there have always been always blogs. I believe, however, that we all descend from The Primordial Gopher. I thus practice The Gopher Way. Especially when it is cold.

Notice that I apparently live in a matrilineal society. My ancestors are mostly family bloggers, with a strong trend over time, with each generation, of identification with gender issues and political activism. As a scientist, Grrrl is probably the odd one out in terms of profession, but very much like the rest of the family politically and in many other ways. I am the first in my line to be a male, but I share with my ancestors and kin many interests, such as an birds, cooking, rational thought, and education.

The “Random or Weird Things”

Often we receive traditions in an unquestioning, accepting way as though change was both bad and rare. But as I study the history of my memetic family, I find that nothing could be farther from the truth. Great Great Great Grandma may not have preserved the link to her mother (though we are pretty sure it was a female, possibly even her meatland daughter or granddaughter) but we do know that she was asked to list “Seven things about you that I don’t know” … ‘I’ being the tagger. This quaint tradition may have worked in the old days when people mainly blogged among their families, using blogs as a way of keeping track of their schedules and organizing holidays and such (much like people use Wikis and Cell Phones today). From those days the transition was gradual to Weird, then Random or Weird. Grandma renamed the meme the “Another Random and Weird Blog Meme” which tells us that by her day (perhaps as far back as yesterday), memes were common, or random or weird memes were common, or perhaps just randomness and weirdness were common.

Subsequent to Grandma’s day, was the period known as “The Eclipse of Weirdness” when the meme was known simply as “Seven Random Things.” With the present iteration, we show respect and understanding of both change and tradition by changing the name of the meme to an earlier form. Thus, you are now reading the Seven Random or Weired Things Meme.

Below you will find my seven random or weird things, but at the bottom of the post you will also find a listing of all of the random and weird things known to have ever been uttered in my lineage. It is the word of blog. Praise be the word of blog.

My Seven

  1. I have memories, that I can prove are not reconstructed memories, that precede my ability to walk or talk.
  2. I can’t sleep in a place where I can’t readily access food overnight, even if I do not actually access the food.
  3. I can leg press over 1,000 pounds even though I don’t look like I can leg press over 1,000 pounds.
  4. My natural tendency is to not place things in the trash receptacle. I might need those things later. I may place things next to the trash receptacle. This applies as well to file cabinets and laundry baskets.
  5. I never read blogs, ever, before I started my own blog.
  6. The only foreign languages I really know well are largely unwritten and spoken by people you can’t find.
  7. My closest and most long term friends have almost always been women. Sorry guys.

I Randomly Meme The Following

Hint: Think twice about asking your spouse to help with this. Could cause trouble (see number 4).

The Word of Blog

  1. Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite comic strip of all time.
  2. I never forget and sometimes never forgive. (I am working on it.)
  3. I pierced my own ears when I lived overseas in my 20’s and now one of the holes is too large and I hate that, but am too lazy to do anything about it.
  4. When I lived in Fairbanks I made brandied fruit, which consisted of a bottle of the best brandy, and then add one pound of fruit and one pound of sugar as each fruit becomes ready during the summer. Come Christmas, it was potent and wonderful and I gave quarts of it as presents.
  5. Anyone who met me would say I am a social butterfly, but I love being alone for long periods of time—days even.
    1 I have been in love many times in my life, but no one has ever been in love with me
  6. When I was little, my dad washed my hair in the kitchen sink on Saturdays. He then rinsed it with vinegar to make it shine. I walked around smelling like a salad.
  7. I’m creeped out by the shadows of trees in the moonlight. Especially oak trees.
  8. Like Maya I loved reading science fiction as a young girl (Bradbury, Heinlin, Orwell, etc.) and to this day I am a big Star Trek fan. This is weird because if you met me you would never guess.
    4 Even though I hate beer, I drink it when I go to pubs because it is relatively affordable for me and I know I won’t drink too much of it
  9. I wish I could wear high heels — for a few hours at least. Even as a feminist, I like the way they make my feet and legs look.
  10. Scott Peterson would be on my list of famous people I’d like to have dinner with.
    5 I have never owned a TV, although I enjoy watching it
  11. I have truly been in love four times in my life. Six, if you count two of those men twice.
    5 I love wearing sweaters, although NYC rarely has good sweater-wearing weather (cool, but not windy or rainy)
  12. My favorite books when I was very little were The Mother West Wind books, by Thornton Burgess.
  13. Even though I’m a recovered Catholic, I say a Hail Mary everytime I hear a siren.
    6 I bake the best cookies in the world, but since I cannot afford the gas for my stove these days, I rely solely on my microwave to cook food — none of which are cookies (boohoo)
  14. My first exposure to the idea of racial equality came when I was 12 and reading Andre Norton* books. It was just assumed in her books that people were equal and it made so much sense.
  15. As a child, I had a President Kennedy memorabilia collection in a cigar box.
  16. As a young girl, I was on The Mayor Art Show.
  17. I let people get under my skin, which is a reflection of immaturity on my part. I don’t think I will ever improve as I have started the 60’s decade of my life and still let this happen.
  18. I really love the idea of horses, and that they have agreed to live with us and let us ride them and be tame. But, they are so big that I don’t like getting too close to them and I can’t figure out what to do on their backs. I do love them, though. Just not up close.
  19. I wish I had the courage to stop dying my hair, but my artistic side can’t stand how it will look all heathered gray.
  20. The other thing I did with fruit when I lived in Fairbanks was work a deal with the produce manager at Safeway to buy the fruit he was throwing away as overripe for $.25 (25 cents) a box. What he didn’t realize, as an Alaskan, was that he was throwing the fruit away before it was actually ripe. I took it home and let it ripen and we ate it and I canned it. Best fruit in town, almost free. Some of it went into the brandied fruit.
  21. When I was 11 I wanted to be a lighthouse keeper. I now know that the solitude would be too much — but, oh, the view!
    9 I love both real vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate, but rarely eat either one
    9 My favorite vegetables are asparagus and spinach, but I never ate either one of them until I was an adult


  1. #1 Mike Haubrich, FCD
    December 8, 2007

    That meme is some tall order. I am just not sure about how I can approach true randomness in presenting my weird facts. I mean, so I attach a value to each weird fact and then consult and then run a program which uses randomness to select the facts I will use?

    Oh well, I thought I was going to have nothing to do tonight.

  2. #2 Nina
    December 8, 2007

    I’ve never come across another who has a past linked to Thornton Burgess. I, too, loved the stories, and to this day talk about Johnny Chuck, Sammy Jay, and Yank Yank!

  3. #3 Mike
    December 8, 2007

    Thanks for the tag, Greg, but I’ve already shared 8 random things about each of us!

  4. #4 Sandra Porter
    December 10, 2007

    Done. Hope it’s weird and random enough.

  5. #5 Matt
    December 13, 2007

    Done, but for the record, there is nothing weird about me!